• Why You Must Renew Your Cosmetology License

    You’ve passed the dreaded state board exam and received your cosmetology license, and thankfully you can finally relax, right? Mmmm not so much! Now that you have your license in your beautiful creative hands, you must keep it current and active...
  • Shearious Question: Paycheck Switch

    SITUATION: Paycheck Switch: I am 1099 at the spa I work at and have been there going on six months. I go in today and the owner told me that her accountant said I cannot be paid weekly anymore. I was told that I must be paid on the same schedule as her...
  • Shearious Question: Need Help! New Salon. New Product Line.

    SITUATION: I have just started working at a new salon and I’m not familiar with the retail product line. What’s the best way to familiarize myself with the products, so I can make product recommendations to my guests.? SITUATION REVIEW:...
  • Shearious Questions: How To Take a Sick Day

    SITUATION: What’s the best way to handle clients after you have called in sick and have to cancel their appointments? SITUATION REVIEW: No one likes to get sick, but your clients really don't like it. Often clients have their appointments...
  • What Salon and Spa Owners Are Looking For In A Team Member

    There is a huge misconception in our industry that Salon & Spa owners only want team members that are extremely technically skilled. The truth is Salon & Spa owners are looking for team members that possess strong soft skills, values and have...
  • Test Taking Tips

    Do you get nervous anytime your instructor says the word test? You can relax, because you are not alone. Many people have anxiety when it comes time to put their knowledge down on paper. This video will help you uncover some basic test taking strategies...
  • Taking The Fear Out Of The Word "NO"

    Fear of the word "NO" can hold you back from providing outstanding customer service. Learn tips to get past "NO" and stay on your game.
  • Salon Tours

    One of the most effective ways to help you decide which salon or spa environment is the best fit for your career goals is to visit some of your local salons and spas.
  • Retailing - Educating Your Client

    Often when beauty professionals hear the word retail they think of high pressure sales, it’s not my job or my client does not want to be sold too. Did you know that product recommendations are an extension of the services that we offer to our clients...
  • Resume Writing

    The average time that a potential employer will spend scanning your resume is only 15 seconds. Your resume is a powerful tool that provides a “snap shot” of you! It highlights your unique qualities, your experiences, your education and your...
  • Referrals

    Customer referrals are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to help build your business. According to the New York Times - 70% of all new business comes from a referral or a recommendation. Discover how and when to ask your clients for a...
  • Rebooking

    Rebooking clients is beneficial for you the salon professional and your clients. It is one of the easiest ways for beauty professionals to boost their income and keep a steady stream of clientele in your chair! It’s estimated that clients who rebook...
  • Preparing For Your Licensing Exam

    The day you first enrolled in school, you imagined the moment you would graduate and begin the career you've been dreaming of. Now you are here and there is one final step... passing the licensing exam. This short video will give you a few insights...
  • Powerful Interview Questions

    As you prepare for your interview remember, the interview process is a two-way street. This is your opportunity to ask key questions of the salon or spa owner.
  • Personal Finances

    Before you know it you will be graduating from school, earning a regular income, paying back student loans and moving into your own place. Unfortunately, you will not just wake up one day and know how to manage your finances. Having control of your personal...
  • Network Your Way To Success

    This webinar will teach new professionals how to build their network which will support them to develop their career with the right people.
  • Moving To A New Salon

    This webinar will teach stylist how to know when it is time to leave one salon environment and move onto another. They will learn what to look for in a new salon and also what to look for in themselves to insure they are not the problem.
  • How To Manage Your Back Bar Inventory

    Here's how you can grow your color inventory practices!
  • How To Create Your Dream Career In The Salon & Spa Industry

    This webinar will share different strategies and ideas for salon and spa professionals that will help them think about what is next in their career. They will see the impact their mindset has on their ability to continue to grow. They will introduced...
  • How To Create A Social Media Personality

    Stylists will learn how important their presence is on social media and be given steps they can take to boost their "likes". They will learn general steps to post more images and videos of their work, sharing knowledge and tips on product use...
  • How To Add New Services To Your Menu

    This webinar will teach independent stylists the steps they can take to introduce a new service to their clients. They will learn the importance of naming the service, service descriptions, pricing and how to communicate it to their clients.
  • Health, Sanitation And The Stylist

    This webinar will offer important tips and guidelines that will teach stylists how to keep things clean and safe in the work place.
  • Handling Late Clients

    Have clients who are constantly late? Here's how to handle it.
  • Grow Your Creativity

    Creativity and the beauty and wellness industry go hand in hand. Do you find yourself struggling with your creativity? Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to growing your creativity.
  • Goal Setting

    Goal setting is a powerful tool. It allows for you to turn your dreams into a reality. Those individuals that reach great success begin their journey by setting specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time based goals.