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Approved for: cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians

We believe that nontechnical skills fuel success—that's why many of our CE courses emphasize "soft" and business skills like client consultations, customer service, and marketing.

Don't just check the box—improve the skills that are proven to increase your income instead.

Nebraska-approved CE classes:

Infection Control

Infection Control Infection control is a vital responsibility of all beauty and wellness professionals, however, promoting an environment of safety for both guests and employees goes beyond simply preventing the spread of infectious disease.

$29.95, 2 CE Hours

Make More Money with Retail

Make More Money with Retail Embrace retailing as a positive experience for both you and your clients, and then incorporate good retail practices into your daily service. In this online class you will learn the five Retail Touch Points in a customer's experience; carry out a three-part system for selling retail at each point of the direct-selling cycle, and identify how your customers' emotions influence their buying habits.

$14.95, 1 CE Hour

Make More Money with Service

Make More Money with Service Learn how to best impress and serve your clients before, during, and after they visit the salon. In this online class you will implement a more powerful, more impactful first impression; practice the Needs Assessment to better target client pain and ensure client satisfaction; and execute the two ways to build a bigger book—rebookings and referrals.

$14.95, 1 CE Hour

Make More Money with Clients

Make More Money with Clients Learn to maximize the resources that are key to your success: your time, your clientele, and your schedule. In this class you will execute better time management and organizational skills; develop and practice new client-building strategies, and bring these skills and strategies together to reevaluate and unlock your daily earning potential.

$14.95, 1 CE Hour

Make More Money with Marketing

Make More Money with Marketing Learn to align your words and actions with your personal message. In this online class you will define success in your own terms, craft "S.M.A.R.T." goals to work toward them, construct a mission statement drawn from your core values that is used to attract and retain clients, and prepare yourself to handle potentially difficult situations: raising prices, daily mishaps, and bad habits.

$14.95, 1 CE Hour

Make More Money with Salon Suites

Make More Money with Salon Suites Whether you are new to salon ownership, getting ready to open, or you are searching for ways to improve your business you will learn the essential systems, processes and skills necessary to successfully own and operate your own salon suite business. By taking this online class you'll learn methods for carrying creating and modifying pricing models, track sales and inventory, build clients and most importantly, discover the skills and resources needed to succeed as a salon suite owner.

$29.95, 2 CE Hours

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing Online Class This online class teaches the skills and techniques necessary to perform a safe and effective Brazilian bikini wax on your clients. Learn how to prepare the treatment room, the implements necessary for the service, a walk-through of the client consultation, the procedure and proper clean-up and disinfection techniques, as well as post-treatment tips for your client.

$29.95, 1 CE Hour

Men's Haircutting

Men's Haircutting Online Class Confidently execute classic men's haircutting and barbering techniques under the guidance of three experts in the men's grooming field. Modern Pompadour gives a fresh modern look to the classic pompadour by employing both the time-honored pompadour techniques with elements of the fade. The Traditional Taper focuses on one of the most universal men's cuts, while the Temple Fade introduces foundational fading techniques with a clipper. Each lesson is complete with clear instruction, blade/guard selection, and tips/techniques. Don't miss the bonus step-by-step feature on neck shaving. This online cutting class is intended for the licensed beauty professional who has an understanding of the fundamentals of clipper cutting and scissor over comb.

$29.95, 1 CE Hour

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: Razor Basics

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: Razor Basics Online Class Nick Arrojo is the razor-cutting master, and his Arrojo Studio in New York City is renowned worldwide for its signature techniques with the razor. In this online class, Nick guides the learner through how to ergonomically handle, control, and safely cut with a razor. Nick provides tips on how to flex and strengthen your razor-cutting skills through proper hand and body position. Novice professionals gain confidence and skill, while seasoned pros will enjoy perfecting their razor-cutting skills and knowledge.

$18.95, 0.5 CE Hours

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: One-Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: One-Length Bob with Blunt Bangs Learn to execute the perfect, modern, precision bob with blunt bangs from razor-cutting master Nick Arrojo. This cut features a timeless, sophisticated bob with no graduation and a beautiful solid outline. Whether using a mannequin or a chosen client, you will learn how to razor cut with a piston-like movement and closed-blade razoring method.

$29.95, 1 CE Hour

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: Classic Long Layer with Choppy Bangs

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: Classic Long Layer with Choppy Bangs Nick Arrojo teaches you how to execute the classic long layer with choppy bangs haircut. Perhaps the most popular style for a salon client because it is feminine, easy to wear, and retains length. Learn to master proper sectioning, body position, implementing graduation with overdirection, and a closed-blade technique. Finally, you will learn how to create wispy bangs, using diagonal lines to add texture and movement.

$27.95, 1 CE Hour

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: Bob with Graduation and Side-Swept Bangs

Razor Cutting with Nick Arrojo: Bob with Graduation and Side-Swept Bangs Learn to execute the bob haircut with graduation and side-swept bangs. Aesthetically, this is the perfect chin-length haircut, beautifully framing facial features like the cheekbones, chin, lips, and eyes. The graduation gives the impression of volume and fullness, yet the jagged lines of the razor add youthfulness and a modern feel. Learn how to implement a steady and consistent opening of the blade to create a graduated shape that sits on the nape with no weight line.

$27.95, 1 CE Hour

Make More Money with Nail Services

Nail Technician Continued Education In this online class, nail expert Alisha Rimando Botero will review the entire guest experience: from the first phone contact through the exit of the salon. You will learn how to take special care of each client and how to create value in your services so you can finally increase your pricing. You will also learn how and when to educate your clients about your professional products to increase your retail sales.

$14.95, 1 CE Hour

Speed and Consistency of Liquid and Powder (L&P) Nails

Nail Technician Continued Education - Liquid and Powder Nails You will never gain speed, consistency, or sanity until you learn to create the "perfect bead." To increase your speed and application, you need to learn the proper techniques for picking up and applying liquid and powder products. In this online class you will learn about the proper tools needed to create L&P nails, consistency techniques for creating perfect mix ratio of liquid to powder, and how to apply those perfect beads to sculpt great structured nails.

$30.95, 1 CE Hour

Fast and Flawless Nail Filing Techniques

Nail Technician Continued Education - Fast and Flawless Nail Filing Techniques The right filing techniques create consistency, beauty, and durability in your salon nails. Once perfecting this technique, you will continue to increase your speed, allowing you to fit more clients into your day. In this online class, leading nail expert Alisha Rimando Botero teaches you the different types of files available and how to determine what's best for your application, basic rules of filing, as well as her personal filing method for the perimeter of the nail and the surface so that nails are consistent and strong. You are also going to learn how to easily file five basic nail shapes. At the end, Alisha will review the finished nail structure so the nail extensions you create are durable and beautiful on your client's hands.

$28.95, 1 CE Hour

Mastering Nail Enhancement Applications

Nail Technician Continued Education - Mastering Nail Enhancement Applications Do you want to see your speed increase, your filing time decrease, and fit more clients in your schedule? In this class, leading nail expert Alisha Rimando Botero teaches you how to prepare nails for sculptured enhancements, apply a nail form, how to choose the perfect brush for application, where to place your hard gel or liquid and powder (L&P) to perfectly sculpt a nail, and what the finished nail should look like.

$27.95, 1 CE Hour

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