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Full Circle Consultation (Online Class)

Product Type: Online Resource
Runtime: 4 hours
Price: $59.95
Access Expires In: 180 days

The amount of opportunity that’s available to you and your guests in the consultation is vastly underrated. We tend to think that the main purpose of a consultation is to figure out what we’ll be doing the day of the service, but that's a small fraction of what's uncovered in a consultation, both for the guest and for you!

This class is packed with the most important touchpoints of a consultation that delivers results. From what your body language is telling your guest to how to communicate about the investment, this class will give you a new way of looking at how you conduct a consultation along with communication skills to practice so they are effective as possible. Your consultation should be the number one reason your guest’s expectations are exceeded and the secret weapon behind your financial success.

cover image - Full Circle Consultation (Online Class)

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Five Inner Circle Habits for Every Consultation

Lesson 2: The Money-Making Consultation

Lesson 3: New Guest Consultations

Lesson 4: Outline for Existing Guest Consultations

Lesson 5: No More Redesigns

Lesson 6: The Closing

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