cover image - Student Reference for Anatomy & Physiology, Spiral bound Version

Student Reference for Anatomy & Physiology, Spiral bound Version

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36 pages
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Milady's Student Reference for Anatomy and Physiology has been revised and expanded. This all-new edition includes more comprehensive coverage of the various body systems as well as brief descriptions of each system to increase understanding of the system's function. This must-have reference for the beauty and wellness student includes cross sections and multiple views of eleven main body systems. This is the perfect addition to any cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, esthetics or massage therapy student's study materials.


  • Illustrations have been revised to align with the updated Milady Standard textbooks.
  • Now includes reproductive, excretory and digestive systems providing comprehensive coverage of human anatomy and physiology.
  • Illustrations show multiple views and cross-sections to give the user a broad understanding of systems.
  • Every body system relevant to a student's beauty and wellness curriculum is shown in exact detail.
  • Each page is coated for durability and long-term use.

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cover image - Student Reference for Anatomy & Physiology, Spiral bound Version

Table of Contents

1. Skeletal System.
2. Muscular System.
3. Nervous System.
4. Circulatory System.
5. Lymphatic/Immune System.
6. Endocrine System.
7. Digestive System.
8. Excretory System.
9. Respiratory System.
10. Integumentary System.
11. Female Reproductive System.
12. Male Reproductive System.
13. Bones of the Head and Face.
14. Bones of the Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms and Hands.
15. Bones of the Legs and Feet.
16. Superficial Muscles of the Body.
17. Muscles of the Head, Face and Neck.
18. Muscles of the Arms, Neck and Chest.
19. Muscles of the Lower Legs and Feet.
20. The Brain and Cranial Nerves.
21. Nerves of the Head, Face, Neck Arms and Hands.
22. Nerves of the Legs.
23. The Heart and How Blood Flows.
24. Arteries and Veins of the Head, Face and Neck.
25. Arteries of the Arms, Hands and Legs.
26. Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Ducts.
27. The Endocrine Glands.
28. The Urinary System and Bowels.
29. Respiratory Organs and Structures.
30. Structures of the Skin.
31. Sensory Nerve Endings and Lesions of the Skin.
32. Hair Structure and Growth.
33. Nail Anatomy and Growth.
34. Motor Points of Massage.
35. Facial Shapes.
36. Hand and Foot Reflexology.
37. Reflexology Points of the Feet.
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